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Writer’s resources

This page is dedicated to the wonderful people that make up The Llama’s community of writers. Here you will find everything you need to make your articles amazing.


This page will be constantly updated, so please ensure that you check in from time to time.

Article guidelines


    • A one line summary of what your article is about.
    • Do not be cryptic
    • Avoid word plays/puns
    • Only capitalise the first word and proper nouns.

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    • 500 words minimum (no max)
    • Use paragraphs
    • Ensure grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct before submitting
    • Save the article to “Drafts”



    • If you use quotes, facts or stats in your article, you need to let the reader know where it comes from – ideally, you should link it to a credible website.


Sub headings

    • Break your article into chucks by adding a sub heading every 2-3 paragraphs


External links (links to other websites)

    • Ensure links are to legitimate/credible websites


Internal links (links to other articles in The Llama)

    • Add one link to another Llama article
    • Ensure the links opens in a new tab


Embedding social media

    • Add Tweets or Insta/Facebook posts to your article


Use Video

    • Embed Youtube/Vimeo content to your articles for greater engagement



    • We can only use images that we own or are from “Open source” providers, such as pixels or pixabay.
    • If you submit an image, make sure you provide the the URL from the place you found it.


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