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Why subscribe?

It is well documented that advertising can have a detrimental effect on teenagers, particularly concerning issues such as body image. As such, The Advertising Standards Agency applies very strict rules for brands/publishers wishing to advertise to under 16s.


Whilst The Llama is not aimed at this age group, we still want to protect the mental health of our readers and writers and will therefore not pack the publication with potentially harmful display adverts.


However, producing a national publication is expensive so we need to find an alternate source of income.


The simplest way to do this is to ask schools across the UK to pay for a small subscription. If we can find enough schools to subscribe, we can afford to run The Llama effectively.


Only pupils whose schools subscribe, will be able to contribute to The Llama


We realise that school budgets are tight so not only have we tried to keep the cost down as much a possible but we have also thrown in some discounts too.


There are 2 subscriptions on offer:


Option 1

  • Gives your students access to The Llama
  • Includes 20 free copies of the magazine


Option 2

  • Gives your students access to The Llama
  • Includes 40 free copies of the magazine


If your school can post a news/ blog article (that links to www.llamamag.com) on your website, we will apply a discount of £50 to your subscripition.